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If you want to join QRAIS, you can visit the AIS website. Please follow this link (Click Here)

Benefits of joining the chapter

You can join the QRAIS by signing up at the AIS website and choosing QRAIS as your region chapter. Members will gain exclusive access to the AIS eLibrary, which is a valuable store of many highly regarded journals and conference proceedings. Members can also sign up for AIS conferences, which allow them to mingle with professionals and academics in the field of IS from around the globe. The AIS membership allows the member to post their resume and use the provided career placement tool to further their advancement in the field. Lastly, the AIS also provides access to a members-only community that includes the many different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Chapters. Remember to select the QRAIS as your chapter upon signing up to receive the relevant updates from the QRAIS Chapter in Doha, so that you communicate with other IS professionals in the country and receive invites to the invites.


How to join

If you want to be part of the Qatar Chapter, you can click here to go to the main AIS website, and join us by choosing the Qatar Chapter


Contact Us

Telephone: +9744445556
Email: info@QRAIS.org
Website: qrais.org